[INTERVIEW] PARK YOONKYUNG with Gallery BK x Art Terms

May 28, 2021

Painting and thereafter, installation view, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea, 2021

Art Terms x Gallery BK

Park YoonKyung transforms a text into an abstract image that is read differently according to an audience’s subjectivity. It is named ‘textimage’, which is a compound word of text and image. With the vivid combinations of colors, huge brush strokes, and various directions of paint drips, she leaves traces of gravity and time into her paintings. Through the translucent screen and installation, Park makes an active painting by engaging a close relationship between the painting, space, and the audience.  She enables an open form of interpretation by imaging texts and emphasizing the interaction between painting, audience, and space. 

Greenline, acrylic on chiffon, wooden frame, 60.6 X 50.0 cm, 2020

PARK YOONKYUNG. Photo: Art Terms

Grida, painting marker, acrylic on chiffon, wooden frame, 130.3 x 130.3 cm, 2020

Somersault, painting marker, acrylic on chiffon, wooden frame, 162.2 X 112.1 cm, 2020 

“Living with art is more plentiful than without it. So I hope you guys enjoy and stay connected with art.”

Art Terms x Gallery BK are honored to interview Park YoonKyung, who truly appreciates painting and constantly tries to interact with the audience.







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