[NEWS] LG to stage Damien Hirst exhibition on OLED TVs

October 20, 2021 

LG OLED-TV,Frieze-Art-Fair. Source LG. 

The inaugural exhibition, LG OLED X Damien Hirst: A History of Painting, was displayed in LG's space during ’FRIEZE LONDON 2021’, one of the world's most influential international contemporary art fairs. This is the first time an electronic company has participated in the FRIEZE Art Fair and operated a solo gallery.

The exhibition presents important works by the artist, including paintings from the Kaleidoscope and Spin series, along with impressive digital reproductions with their own lighting and the artist's NFT series shown on LG's OLED premium TVs. The world's first roll-out TV, LG SIGNATURE OLED R, as well as the elegant LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K and the art-inspired LG G1 Gallery series, impressed viewers with its unparalleled image quality in showing Hirst's works of art.

LG OLED-TV,Frieze-Art-Fair. Source LG. 

Visitors can enjoy Damien Hirst's works in a variety of ways thanks LG TV’s digital technology.

For example, a work that shows vivid colors as if looking into a kaleidoscope by connecting thousands of butterfly wings was created using a ‘rollable screen’ with a brand new technology that allows a TV screen to automatically roll up or unfold on command.

Through this exhibition, LG proved their signature campaign slogan-"Art inspires technology. Technology completes art"-to be true.

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