[SHOWS] Sohee Cho 《Seventy-seven letters》 @B-tree gallery, Seoul

March 3, 2021  

1 Letters_Life Project, work in progress, installation view, tissue, 
butter paper, silk fabrics, cotton textiles, table, chair, 2003~ 

Sohee Cho 《Seventy-seven letters》

@B-tree gallery

25 Mar – 24 April 2021

Title  : 《 Seventy-seven letters 》

Artist : Sohee Cho
Dates : 2021. 03. 25(thu) – 4. 24(sat)
Opening Hours : Tue-Fri 10:00AM-6:00PM / Sat 11:00AM-6:00PM / Sun-Mon off
Address : B-tree gallery (94, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
Number of art works : Around 80 works

B-tree Gallery, the artist's life work < Letters_Life Project >
Artist Sohee Cho Solo Exhibition 《 Seventy-seven letters 》
Chapter 77—The Weight of Time in Letters, and “Disappearing”

To welcome spring 2021, B-tree Gallery is pleased to announce of the solo exhibition by Sohee Cho《Seventy-seven Letters》 from March 25th to April 24th. Sohee Cho's <Letters_Life Project> is an ongoing project in which one or two letters are steadily created every day over the life of the artist.
<Letters>, which started making in 2003, have reached 10,000 in recently, and the accumulated letters are planned to be sent to anonymous people at the end of the artist's life.

2 Letters_Life Project, work in progress, installation view, tissue, 
butter paper, silk fabrics, cotton textiles, table, chair, 2003~ 

The weight of time in <Letter> and “disappears” 

Jean Baudrillard said that if you want to understand things clearly, you have to understand them in connection with disappearance. Artist Sohee Cho makes one or two letters almost every day. This is not only a work but also a routine of the artist's life that follows the passage of time.

<Letters>, made of translucent silk cloth and thin paper, have been stacked for 13 years, and at the end of 2019, 10,000 copies were completed, reaching the weight of that much time. In the future, <Letters> will continue to accumulate throughout life creating a quiet texture with repetitive rhythms. However, at some point, when <Letters> can no longer support the weight of time and reach the “critical point,” all the letters will disappear like smoke. Just as if reality is extremely excessive, it inevitably reaches disappearance. When the moment of disappearance comes, it is like an image in which the sheets of letters fly up like tens of thousands of birds in no time. Letters are repeatedly produced and accumulated, and at some point, all of them will be sent to anonymous people, scattered, and disappeared.

Just as the meaning of all existence becomes complete through its disappearance, the work <Letter> is finally completed by reaching disappearance. Therefore, the life work <Letter> becomes a “time-image” that includes the empty state that scatters and disappears after repetitive actions and accumulation over time.


3 Letters_Life Project, detail view, tissue, butter paper, silk fabrics, cotton textiles, 2003~ 

The content of the letter is very simple. On a sheet of thin paper, one word a day, sometimes two or three syllables, is typed repeatedly. The meaning of letters varies from day to day, from everyday to ideological words.

The meaning of the letters is written like a line, which is a continuation of a mesh woven with thread, lacking legibility in the process of repeating typing and overlapping letters. Through this process, the meaning of the word hides behind the sound of a constant and repetitive manual typewriter, and the sign gradually turns into an image. In the end, the meaning is to become 'silent'.

The Images in the form of progress continuously created through <Letter> are a metaphor centered on 'time'. The metaphor opens the meaning between knowing and unaware and gives the pleasure of swimming in the middle. It was also said that the language itself would be fascinated by the point of disappearance of meaning. As such, the artist expects an empty moment when 'time-image' becomes an open metaphor along with its continuing process, where language is lost and meaning is silent. Creating a handful of 'knowing' and 'don't know' space as an open possibility, in other words, creating a space of blank space in which the image itself is metaphorical, this is the 'time-image' created by Sohee Cho.

4 Rolls and yellow thread, 2019, Platanus log, tissue, silk thread, 143x32cm 

5 What I Do, 2020, Wooden Chair, Misong, Typing on scroll Tissue, 
Thread bobbin, paper stainless steel rod, brass wires, thread, 44x39x175cm

In this exhibition, artist Sohee Cho will suggest 77 trivial but witty everyday things through the phrase in the letter to us, especially in the difficult times of Corona 19. We look forward to seeing the artworks of Sohee Cho at the B-tree gallery on March 25, where we can meet and communicate with one part of Sohee Cho's heavy time work. 



CHO SoHee (b.1971)
Lives and works in Seoul
Professor at Dongduk Women's University (College of Arts, Dept. of Painting)

2010 Ph.D, MFA, Plastic Arts, University of Panthéon-sorbonne, Paris
1995 BFA, Painting, Dongduk University, Seoul

Solo Exhibitions
2021  <Letters>, B-tree gallery, Seoul
2020  <A Metaphoric Name for Time>, Art Center Artmoment, Seoul
2017  <Another Ladder>, Art Space Sueno339, Seoul
2017  <Bongsunhwa Prayer 304>, Gallery Sanji, Seoul
2014  <Nine Ladders> – Old House Project 9, Old House, Seoul
2013  <salon de Hyaloplasm>, salon de H, Seoul
2012  <Thread-span>, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul
2008  <Du Fil qui File>, Galeria CHARPA, Valencia, Spain
2007  <Du Fil qui File>, Galerie CROUS Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
2006  <Voyage>, Window Gallery-Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
2005  <Deux Chambres à Côté>, Brain Factory, Seoul
2005  <Anecdotes dans la Boîte>, Maison de Tunisie, Paris, France.
2002  <Jiyoung’s Armoire>, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul
1996  <Sohee CHO Solo Show>, Seokyong Gallery, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020  < Embroidered on Memory>, Sehwa Museum, Seoul
<Say The Unsaybles>, Yeosu International Art Festival, Expo Art Gallery, Yeosu
2019  <Welcomm Art First Open>, Welcomm Art, Seoul
<Deposited Ghosts>, Daecheongho Museum of Art, Cheongju
<The Phenomenon of the Mind : Facing Yourself>, Museum of Contenporary Art Busan, Busan
<Record, Memory>, Seoul Center for Architecture & Urbanism, Seoul
2018  <And he didn’t say anything>, OCI Museum, Seoul
<Imaginary Passage>, Yeongang Gallery, Yeoncheon
<Gyeonggi Archive_Now>, Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus, Gyeonggi
<Rediscovery of Oriental Paper>, LA Cultural Center, LA
<Art Bonador Collaboration>, Insa Art Center, seoul 
2017  <Han>, Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland
<SongEun Storage>, SongEun Storage, Seoul
<Dream on The Ground>, Art Space Sueno339, Seoul
2016  <April the Eternal Voyage>, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan
<Seoul Art Station>, T station, Seoul
2015  <Color Study>, Savina Museum, Seoul
2014  <SongEun Art Award>, SongEun Art Space, Seoul 
      <Human-Space-Machine, stage Experiments at the Bauhaus>, MMCA, Seoul
      <King Sejong Opens the Age of Hanguel Culture>, Hangeul Museum, Seoul
      <Variation of the Moon>, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin
2013  <Cho So-Hee & Jang Cherie duo exhibition>, Space CAN, Beijing
<5mm x 7>, MMCA Goyang Residency, Goyang
 <Maum>, Hein temple, Hapcheon
 <Feminism>, GASC, Gimhae
 <Another Chain Bridge>, Korean cultural center, Budapest
2013  <Maun> Haein Art Project 2013, Haeinsa, Hapcheon
2012  <Fashion Art Biennale>, SEMA museum, Seoul
<10 Curators & 10 Futures>, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
<Cloth>, Ewha Museum, Seoul
2009  <A travers l'Eau>, Palau des les Arte, Valencia, Spain
 <Ultra skin>, space C, Seoul
2008  <Dialogue>, Centro San Leonardo, Venice, Italy
 <Artistes du Quatrième>, Blanc- Manteaux, Paris, France
 <Los Otros Papeles>, Galeria CHARPA,, Valencia, Spain 
 <Une histoire de Galerie Charpa>, Universitat Politècnica de València, 
 Valencia, Spain
2007  <Particules Libres>, Cité international des beaux arts, Paris,France
2006  <Biennale Busan- Art in Life>, Pavilion, Busan, Korea
 <Wake up Andy Warhol>, Samzzi, Seoul
 <Altérité-Performance>, Maison de Tunisie, Paris, France.
2005  <50th Salon de Montrouge>, Montrouge, Montrouge, France
       <Atelier de Recherches en Art Contemporain>, Maison de Tunise, Paris, France
2004  <With One Accord>, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul
2003  <Artists are Magicians>, Gallery Artside, Seoul
  <Book Project>, Keumho Art Museum, Seoul
2002  <Our Christmas>, Gallery Ihn, Seoul

Projects/ Public Art
2020  <…where…>, Seoul Art Education Center, Seoul
2019  <Noksapyeong Project>, Noksapyeong Station, Seoul
2015  <Maeul-Misul Project>, Heanam
2008  <La Rivière> -Installation in Concert for Gustav Mahler, Palau de les Arte, Valencia, Spain
<Image et Texte>, International Conference Festival, Universitat d’Estiu de Gandia, Gandia, Spain
<Los Otros Papeles> Atelier project, Universitat Politècnica de València,
Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain

2013 MMCA Goyang Residency, Korea
2012 Nomadic residence- Baikal, Russia

2011 SongEun Art Award, Excellence prize, Korea
2005 50th Salon de Montrouge, selection, France

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Seoul, Korea
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul (SEMA), Korea
Kwangju Museum of Art, Korea
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (GMoMa), Korea
Galeria CHARPA, Valencia, Spain
La Rausche, Brussels, Belgium

Contact :
B-tree gallery 
Hongmunkwan, 94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04066, Korea 
T 02-6951-0008  E [email protected]  www.b-treegallery.com 


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