[SHOWS] The Ink Soul by Yu LanYing @BOCCARA ART Miami Gallery

March 17, 2021

The Ink Soul by Yu LanYing 

@BOCCARA ART Miami Gallery

2021.03.06 - 2021.05.08

Yu LanYing is a leading female figure in Chinese contemporary ink painting. She employs the use of Chinese ink and mixed media on rice paper to create entirely original work. Her paintings reflect the accomplishments of a seasoned master indebted to the riches of traditional Chinese painting and experimentation with western abstract expressionism. The mystery and elegance of Yu Lanying work have roots into Asian art and philosophies: soft colors and stratifications, light blues or dark greys, flying figures, fantastic waves and wrapping movements, landscapes, colors that melted together with shadows as in a great metamorphosis.

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She inherited the former as a child, when she began working at the age of seven under the tutelage of Huang JunBi and Gao YiHong among other masters of Chinese painting in Taiwan. After thirty years of study and work in the United States, Yu internalized the latter. The result has been a body of work whose abstraction evolves with the continuum of her experiences of Chinese and American culture.

Yu has exhibited extensively in the United States, China and Taiwan. She is best known for her works that explore her love for the ocean. The underwater landscapes inspire Yu to extend her soul onto paper with a combination of ink, color and texture, allowing the viewer into the private space of her spiritual journey. The aesthetics of the ink technique with those details and symbols created by the paint brush guided by the artist hand finally represent a state of mind, a point of view in a unique way, as Yu Lanying claims too. That is the reason why her fluid and decisive energy will always be reached through constant work and experimentation drawing and painting.


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